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Stop Nosebleeds Fast.

Rhinamite is an award winning, patent-pending, medical device designed by maxillofacial surgeons to stop nosebleeds fast.

Rhinamite: Stop Nosebleeds Fast

Nosebleeds are the most common admission to hospital ear, nose & throat departments. Rhinamite was developed by a team lead by maxillofacial surgeons who felt nosebleeds could be treated more effectively.

At Rhinamite, we have coupled advanced medical expertise with leading user experience design to revolutionise the treatment of nosebleeds. Our mission is to redress the impact of injuries to the nose and eye sockets, empowering you to treat your self quickly, effectively and with confidence. Rhinamite is perfect for:

  • Frequent nosebleed sufferers
  • First aiders
  • Professional and amateur sports teams
  • Both adults and children

Rhinamite was designed in consultation with frequent nosebleed sufferers to be not only the most effective way to stop your nosebleed fast, but also be easy to apply and comfortable to wear, empowering you to treat yourself with confidence at home.

With Rhinamite in your first aid kit or medical bag, facial injuries can be treated quickly and more effectively — nose bleeds stop faster and swelling and around the eyes is reduced in the short term and over the following days. Rhinamite helps you get on with your day or get back in the game. #keepgoing

Leeds University Sir Peter Thompson

Leeds University Sir Peter Thompson Enterprise Award

Leeds University awarded Rhinamite a special research award from the Sir Peter Thompson Enterprise Fund to help in bringing the device from idea to reality.

Design Council

Design Council

Rhinamite has received fantastic support from the Design Council, having first been granted an Enterprise Scholarship then awarded a prize in the Pre-Start Category of the Business Plan competition.

Design Council Spark Finalists

Design Council Spark Finalists

After receiving hundreds of entries for Spark 2016, Design Council’s product innovation fund and support programme, a panel of experts have listed Rhinamite as a finalist.

Over many years I've had quite serious nose bleeds. They generally come every couple of months. It can be very distressing. Rhinamite gives me the confidence to treat my nosebleeds myself. I know I can stop the bleeding quickly even when I'm on my own.

Carol, Middlesbrough, September 2016